/ Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our mission guides our action and stands out as a reference to our strategy. To provide complete services that allow connecting energy to industrial and domestic systems in order to create value and comfort in full satisfaction of stakeholders and shareholders.

Quadromor’s vision is to be the best Portuguese Electricity and Industrial Instrumentation Company in its target and target business. Being the best means raising value, being effective and offering all stakeholders quality.


To be an excellent workplace where people are physically and psychologically encouraged to do their best and to create value


To offer Portugal and the world the best quality of our services and that these are a unique offer of value.


To obtain a client and suppliers network that functions biunivocally and that shares creating permanent value.


To create conditions in order that all stakeholders are responsible, collaborating for a safe, clean and sustainable world


To be an exponentially effective company


To maximize shareholders’ profitability, ensuring our dimension’s responsibility