/ Policies


To implement the quality of our services with absolute rigor, to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties, seeking the continuous improvement of our integrated management system.

As principles, Quadromor is committed to:

Ensure a set of solutions of excellence at the technical and commercial level;
Comply with customer requirements, legal compliance obligations and other requirements;
Reduce the environmental impact of our activity, whether through adequate management of resource consumption, as well as appropriate waste management, promoting environmental protection through pollution prevention;
Eliminate dangers and reduce risks for safety and health at work places, ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for the prevention of accidents at work and health conditions;
Involve all workers in participation and consultation activities on preventive measures, working conditions, objectives and results obtained, which, in this way, will lead to a reduction in occupational accidents and the preservation of workers health;
Ensuring adequate and qualified resources that improve the quality of our services.

Approved on 21/09/2020.