/ Policies


Quadromor, SA is committed to managing its organization through the implementation and maintenance of an Integrated Management System able to provide the overall satisfaction of all requirements involving its players, expressing its identity through the following objectives:

Providing services and solutions of excellence at a technical and commercial level that speedily and effectively fit the needs and requirements specified by customers
Increasing permanently the customer´s satisfaction level with the purpose of building relationships of loyalty solid, durable and reliable, through the services and solutions provided
Ensuring an excellent internal organization, that in a professional and versatile way among the various departments, creates solutions to achieve overall profits for the company
Creating conditions for all Human Resources of the company in order to have sufficient skills for the proper performance of the functions assigned and that through a program of continuous training, are able to participate actively in the detection and immediate correction of nonconformities
Selecting suppliers through rigorous quality services and products for them to become partners on the permanently developing solutions of excellence
Being in compliance with legal requirements, applicable standards, statutory and other internal rules that the company may subscribe
Informing and raising awareness through the implementation of a training plan for all employees about the risks to which they are exposed in their workplace, as well as safety and environmental procedures to be adopted; aiming the reduction of the rates of work accidents and control of occupational health
Optimization of environmental performance while minimizing impacts on the environment and promoting sustainable development of the company
Continuous improvement of the overall performance of the Integrated Management System